All I want for Christmas is a new set of tyres


Be safe on the roads this Christmas

Your tyres are the driving force behind your safety on the roads and the performance of your vehicle. At Tyre Experts in Helensvale, Labrador and Ashmore, we know tyres! If you want to treat yourself to a great Christmas present, or ensure a loved one is safe on the roads, we can help.

The right tyres can change your driving experience


When choosing the right tyres for your vehicle and driving needs, the decision can be overwhelming. Deciding on the size, brand and load rating is a decision that will determine both the safety and the performance of your vehicle.

Fortunately our automotive specialists on the Gold Coast are experts when it comes to fitting the right tyre to your vehicle and your driving needs.


Why do I need to replace my tyres?

There are a number of reasons why you should regularly have your tyres checked. When it comes to changing your tyres, the rate that you wear the tread on your tyres will be entirely dependent on your particular vehicle and the type of driving you use your vehicle for. In saying this, there are also a number of variables that can affect the wear on your tyres, some of which will be in your control, where others will not.

It is not uncommon that our team sees a vehicle that has a mixture of two or more different types of tyres from different manufactures. While the law permits this, mismatched tyres can affect the performance and safety of your vehicle and the lifespan of your tyres. Our team can fit your vehicle out with a full set of tyres that can meet all of your driving needs.

All of your automotive needs met this Christmas


Our automotive experts are proud to stock a comprehensive range of tyre brands to meet a wide variety of driving conditions; this means whatever your tyre and driving needs, we can meet and exceed them.

This Christmas why not look outside the book of the usual present to buy a gift that could keep you, or a friend or family member safe!


Save money this Christmas when buying new tyres


If you would like to learn more about choosing the right tyres this Christmas please contact our friendly team on the Gold Coast today.

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