Tick tyre replacement off your to-do list


Keeping up with the rat race can be exhausting

If you have been creating lists, trying to tick off all the things you need to do, chances are you are forgetting a few things.

Tyres are probably one of those things, or perhaps they are just at the bottom of your to-do list. At Tyre Experts we are first and foremost passionate about people’s safety on the road. Unfortunately even if you are a careful driver you still may not be safe on the road if your tyres are worn and you do not have optimal breaking power.

So are you safe?

The tread of your tyres is critical to the safety and performance of your vehicle


Ensuring your tyres have the right amount of tread can keep you safe on the road and can also
save you time and money down the track. By replacing, repairing, rotating and balancing tyres you can maximise their lifespan and the lifespan of your other tyres.

When it comes to changing tyres the short answer is that the law requires a minimum 1.5 mm tread depth across the face of the tyre that is in direct contact with the road.

How often should I change my tyres?


The rate that you wear the tread on your tyres will be entirely dependent on your particular vehicle and the type of driving you use your vehicle for, as well as a large number of variables. Some of these variables will be in your control, others will not.

Your tyres will have markings that will indicate the tread depth and show when you need to replace your tyres. If you are looking for a simple solution then why not bring your vehicle in and our team will professionally assess your tyres for you.

Which tyre is right for my car?


The choice of all the different tyres on the market can be overwhelming. Deciding on the size, brand and load rating is a decision that will determine both the safety and the performance of your vehicle.

If you are interested in tyres then our friendly and experienced team is happy to help you be an active part of their new tyres selection.

For those who are less familiar with tyre bands and the requirements of their vehicles manufacturer – relax, you’re in experienced hands. Our automotive experts can assess the tread of your tyres, as well as suggest and source the most suited tyre for your vehicle and your driving requirements.

How can I care for my tyres in-between having them changed?

There are a number of steps you can take to help optimise the lifespan and safety of your tyres. Some steps you can take include:

Checking the inflation pressure

To ensure you get the most out of your tyres it is essential to have the correct inflation. Under-inflation can cause increased fuel consumption, uneven tyre wear patterns, tyre flexing and more. Ultimately under-inflation can make you unsafe on the roads.

On the flip side over-inflated tyres can also affect the suspension and your comfort while driving, as well as a heightening your risk of tyre impact damage.

You should check your tyre pressure regularly, ensuring that you check while they are cold to achieve the most accurate reading. All vehicle manufactures will have a guideline for the amount that you should inflate your tyres, so always keep this in mind when checking the pressure to ensure you don’t over or under fill your tyres.

Having a wheel alignment, wheel balance and tyre rotation

The alignment and balance of your wheels will greatly affect the drive and safety of your vehicle. When each of your tyres are measured and positioned accurately you can help to reduce the wear on your tyres, as well as increase the full economy, safety and drive of your vehicle. Some things that may indicate you need a wheel alignment include:

  • Your steering wheel pulls to either side
  •  If your vehicle leans and wanders when driving straight

It is also advisable to have a wheel alignment after hitting the curb or a large pothole.

Our tyre specialists recommend that you receive a wheel alignment every six months so you can receive the best possible performance from your tyres. During your vehicles wheel alignment we can assess the balance of your tyres and perform a tyre rotation if necessary to ensure that your tyres wear evenly.

Avoiding mismatches tyres

It is not uncommon for a vehicle to come to us with a mixture of two different types of tyres from different manufactures. While the law permits this, mismatched tyres can affect the performance, safety and lifespan of your tyres. Mismatched tyres can:

  • Change the handling characteristics of your vehicle
  • Impact the safety in wet conditions
  • Lead to uneven tyre tread

If you have mismatched tyres our automotive specialists can help match your vehicle to the correct tyres.

Comprehensive care from our automotive specialists


Our tyre specialists at Tyre Experts will go above and beyond to pair your driving lifestyle with the right tyre, as well as ensure that you are safe on the road. If you want to check something off your to-do list, why not stop in for a tyre assessment.

To ensure your tyres are safe on the road please contact us by dropping in, filling out our online form or giving us a call on (07) 5573 7788.

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