Goodyear Assurance Armorgrip

The Assurance Armorgrip is perfect for everyday family cars and is suited to perform under the pressures of family life and city driving. Featuring ArmorGrip technology, you'll enjoy superior grip, especially in the wet.

Rim Diameter Tyre Size Load Index
14175/65R14 82H
14185/65R14 86H
14195/65R14 89H
14215/65R14 94H
15195/50R15 82V
15185/55R15 82V
15195/55R15 85V
15185/60R15 84H
15195/60R15 88V
15205/60R15 91V
15185/65R15 88H
15195/65R15 91V
15205/65R15 94V
16205/55R16 91V
16225/55R16 95W
16205/60R16 92V
16215/60R16 95V
17215/45R17 87W
17225/45R17 94W
17235/45R17 93W
17215/55R17 94V


  • ArmorGrip Technology
  • Silica compound
  • Durawall Technology


  • Utilises a layer of DuPontTM Kevlar® for outstanding durability, with waffle blade technology for maximised traction, handling and grip.
  • Improved braking, cornering and handling in wet and dry conditions. Helps to reduce rolling resistance, which can improve fuel economy.
  • Utilising a layer of high strength rubber in the sidewall of the tyre for extra strength and to help resist impact damage.

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