Goodyear Eagle Efficientgrip

The Eagle EfficientGrip delivers optimum vehicle stability and reduced wet braking distances, with an innovative new asymmetric tread design gripping the road surface for greater traction. The tread is designed with the maximum ratio of blading in the contact patch to achieve safer cornering and maximum grip in all driving conditions. It is also Goodyear's quietest tyre ever.

Rim Diameter Tyre Size Load Index
15185/65R15 88H
15195/60R15 88V
15195/65R15 91V
15205/55R15 94V
15205/65R15 99V XL
15215/50R15 82V
15215/60R15 94V
16205/60R16 96W
16225/50R16 92W
17205/50R17 93W
17215/50R17 91V
17225/50R17 94Y
17245/45R17 95W
18225/45R18 91V
18235/40R18 95Y
18245/45R18 100Y
18255/40R18 95V


  • Combining a closed shoulder design, balanced block distribution and perpendicular edge tread blades,provides a smooth transition as the tread makes contact with the road and prevents radiating radial noise from entering the interior of the vehicle.
  • A rubber under lay has been added to the tyre carcass to absorb the tyre vibrations and reduce
  • The tread design provides maximum blading across the tyre to road contact spot.
  • A high loaded silica blend reduces intra-molecular friction.


  • Eagle EfficientGrip is Goodyear’s quietest tyre ever.
  • Provides a smoother and more comfortable ride.
  • Maximises grip on various road conditions and while cornering.
  • Measurable reduction in fuel consumption.”

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