Car Batteries Gold Coast

Tyre Experts offer a comprehensive range of batteries to keep your vehicle charged on the road

Your battery plays a central role in the operation of your vehicle, channelling and providing power for the starter and the ignition system, as well as acting as the power source for your other automotive accessories. Our automotive specialists at Tyre Experts are expertly trained to match the right battery to your vehicle to ensure that your car is safe and charged when on the road. We also provide expert battery checks, to safeguard you against becoming stranded on the road.

Premium batteries for your vehicle

At Tyre Experts we stock:

  • Century
  • Delkor

Our team is trained to know exactly which battery is suited to the performance needs of your car.

When choosing a battery for your car it is important to consider:

  • Your environmental conditions
  • Driving habits
  • Frequency of driving
  • Powered accessories

Our automotive specialists will take all these factors into consideration, as well as the manufacturer and the make of your vehicle, to ensure that you choose the right battery for your vehicle and your needs.

Expert battery checks

We have state-of-the-art battery testing equipment, so you can rest assured when we perform a battery check that your battery will be thoroughly assessed. By having your battery checked, you can help to prevent becoming stranded later on.

Save money when trading in your battery

Return your battery within the warranty period and receive $20 for your trade in.

Ensure you aren’t stuck on the side of the road, or away from home with a dead battery. Trade in for one of our Century or Delkore batteries.

What can cause a flat battery?

  • A rarely used vehicle, or a vehicle that is only used for short trips
  • A light or power source that was left on overnight
  • A faulty component that is draining the battery power
  • A faulty charging system
  • A faulty battery

Car Batteries Gold Coast

If you need experienced service when choosing, checking or replacing your vehicles battery, please contact us by dropping in or giving us a call on (07) 5573 7788.

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