Brakes and Suspension

Your vehicle’s brakes and suspension safeguard your safety while you are on the road and help you to avoid an accident while driving. Tyre Experts provide comprehensive break and suspension servicing to ensure that your vehicle reaches its precise braking ability, as well as absorbing any shock whilst driving.

The experienced professionals at Tyre Experts advise our customers to have their brakes and suspension checked once a year, unless their vehicle is presenting concerning symptoms – in which case you should have your brakes and suspension checked immediately.

Indications that you may need to have your brakes checked:

  • A screeching or grinding noise is presented when braking
  • Your car veers to either side when braking
  • The brake pedal pulsates when engaged
  • Your brakes have lost sensitivity and feel loose
  • The brake warning light is on

Indications that you may need to have your suspension checked:

  • Your vehicle presents difficultly when steering
  • Bouncing upon impact and reduced shock absorption when hitting a bump
  • The tyres are wearing faster than usual
  • The vehicle leans when taking corners
  • Vibration in the steering wheel when making contact with a bump

If you would like further information, or to book a brakes and suspension check, contact our tyre specialists on (07) 5573 7788, drop in or request an appointment online.

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