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Have you experienced an unusual vibration or a wheel wobble? One of your wheels may be out of balance.

While this vibration is not uncommon, it can put more pressure on the tyres, increase wear and can even be potentially unsafe. A tyre imbalance occurs when the weights used to counterbalance the heaviest element of the tyre in relation to the wheel assembly becomes loose. When this weight becomes loose, the tyre can begin to vibrate and wobble and the faster your vehicle moves the more the vibrations will be felt.

Our tyre specialists can correct this concern and rebalance your tyres quickly to ensure you can get the longest possible life and most optimised performance from your tyres.

Protect between tyre changes

Book in for a full tyre balance and wheel alignment and pay just $79.

The perfect check up between tyre changes and before road trips. Don’t risk your safety on the road.


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