A ladies guide to picking tyres


Ladies, we’ve all been there, we have dubious tyre, we’re not sure what to do and we wouldn’t know where to start. Rather than leaning on your male counterpart we’ve put together a simple guide of what to look for when picking tyres for your car.

Car Tyre Cost

The first thing to consider is they cost different amounts for a reason. Not all rubber used in tyres is the same, and not all tyre treads provide the same level of safety and contact with the road. Many tyre companies have their own name brand tyre as well as a range of the better known brands.

At tyre experts we don’t have our own name brand tyre. We supply only the best tyre brands for your car including Sumitomo, Kuhmo, Toyo, Falken, Pirelli and more. Check out the Tyre Brands page to take a look.

Car Tyre Size

Tyres aren’t a one-size-fits-all accessory. It’s likely that each car you drive in your lifetime will have a different size tyre. You can find the size of your tyres on the side wall of the tyre.

It is important you get the size of the tyre correct as having the wrong size tyre fitted can cause safety issues for yourself and others on the road.

Unlike many other things tyre sizes are determined by 4 different factors.

Width / Aspect Ratio R Diameter  Load Capacity

i.e. 205/65R15 95H

205 shows the section width of the tyre in millimeters (205mm).
65 is the aspect ratio, a comparison of the tyre’s section height with its section width (65 indicates the height is 65% of its width).
R shows radial ply construction.
15 indicates the nominal diameter of the wheel rim (15 inches)
95H is a symbol indicating the maximum load capacity and speed at which the tyre can be safely operated, subject to the tyre being in sound condition, correctly fitted, and with recommended inflation pressures (95 represents a maximum load of 690kg per tyre; H represents a maximum speed of 210km/h).

Fitting your Tyre

The third more commonly point considered when purchasing car tyres is having them fitted. When you change just one tyre (or even 2 or 3) it is important that the tyre is placed on the most appropriate wheel on your car. It is not always best to put a new tyre right where you took the old one off.

Due to the different pressures placed on the tyres from differing sections of your car your tyres will wear differently. Some will be a little balder on the inside, some on the outside.

When you have a new tyre fitted it is also important that your tyres are rotated to make sure they are in the best possible position for safety and durability.

Tyre Experts offer great low cost tyres with fitting and rotations as standard. If you aren’t sure which tyres to buy and are looking for great unbiased advice get in contact by calling our Helensvale, Ashmore or Labrador store.

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